All of my (rainbowsandstarrs) Fandom scarves in one convienient pace

Fandom Scarves

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Anonymous: hello! please may i put your cute star trek pixels on my blog? :))

yes yes yes!!! 

that’s what they’re here for!!!!



there’s a rose behind the heart but that didnt work too well oops

here you are!! sorry if it’s a bit basic, it’s been a while since i’ve done these

hello everyone!! 

at this time i will not be taking requests, but only because i have forty six messages and forty six of them to do!!

they will all get done, but i will need time!! 

in the meantime, you can still contact me with troubleshooting questions and anything other than actual requests!!

thank you!!


I totally edited some Homestuck shipping scarves guys. All of these lovely designs were stolen from inspired by those over at rainbowsandfandomscarves. PLEASE GO CHECK THEM OUT IF YOU WANT HOMESTUCK FANDOM SCARVES!!

Please credit ALL parties (all two of us) if you decide to use them!!

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check these out you guys!! they’re cool as heckie

Anonymous: I just wanted to say that your explanation of how to put the fandom scarves on blogs was really easy to follow and helped me a ton.

wowie wow shmowzow!!! this means a lot, considering no one’s told me if they used the tutorial before.

go you!!! c:

Anonymous: hello, how do i add your scarves to my blog? i think i need a code but i can't figure out where it is

ive actually had this question before and heres my hopefully thorough answer!

hey hey what do you say

star trek pixels







also checkov